What Information is Encoded in the Barcodes of Indian Products?

barcode of Indian products

Barcodes have become an essential part of our daily life, especially when it comes to shopping. They provide a systematic way of identifying and tracking products throughout the supply chain. In India, the use of barcodes has gained significant importance in recent years. But have you ever wondered what information is encoded in the barcodes of Indian products? Let’s dive in and explore the fascinating world of barcode encoding.

Understanding Barcodes

Before we delve into the specifics of the barcode of Indian products, let’s first understand what barcodes are and how they work. Barcodes are visual representations of data that can be easily scanned by barcode readers, also known as scanners or barcode scanners. These scanners use light sensors to read the black and white lines, or bars that make up the barcode pattern.

The encoding of information in barcodes follows a standardized format known as the Universal Product Code (UPC) system. This system assigns a unique numerical code to each product, which is then represented by the black and white bars.

Barcode Structure in India

In India, barcodes are formatted as per the standards of the International Article Number (EAN) system. The EAN system is a superset of the UPC system, meaning that the barcodes used in India comply with international standards and can be scanned globally.

Indian barcodes consist of three main components: the country code, the manufacturer code, and the product code. The country code, represented as the initial two or three digits, identifies the country of origin. For Indian products, the country code is usually “890” or “8904.”

The manufacturer code, which follows the country code, identifies the specific manufacturer or brand. Different manufacturers are allocated unique codes to ensure product identification. This code is typically a five or six-digit number.

The product code is the final portion of the barcode, which represents the specific product within the manufacturer’s range. It can be up to seven digits long, offering a wide range of unique product identifications.

Importance of Barcodes for Indian Products

Barcodes play a crucial role in streamlining various aspects of the supply chain for Indian products. By encoding specific information into barcodes, manufacturers can easily track inventory levels, monitor sales, and manage product expiration dates. This automated system saves time, minimizes errors, and reduces costs associated with manual processes.

For consumers, barcodes are essential for price checking, ensuring the accuracy of the purchase, and facilitating a smooth checkout experience. They enable retailers to quickly identify the product and retrieve relevant information from their databases, such as prices, discounts, and product details.

Barcode Printing Online

In today’s digital era, technology has made barcode printing online more accessible than ever before. There are several online platforms and software applications that allow businesses and individuals to generate barcodes quickly and efficiently.

Online barcode printing services offer flexibility and convenience, eliminating the need for expensive hardware or software installations. These services often provide customizable templates to suit different barcode formats and enable users to choose from various sizes and styles.

To print barcodes online, one simply needs to enter the required information, such as the country code, manufacturer code, and product code. The online platform will then generate the barcode image, which can be downloaded and printed on labels, packaging, or other product surfaces.


The barcodes found on Indian products hold valuable information about the country of origin, manufacturer, and specific product. By following the standards of the EAN system, Indian barcodes ensure compatibility with the global supply chain.

Barcodes have revolutionized the way businesses operate, streamlining processes and enhancing overall efficiency. They have become an integral aspect of modern shopping experiences, providing ease and accuracy for both consumers and retailers.

With the availability of online barcode printing services, generating barcodes for Indian products has become more accessible and convenient. Businesses and individuals can now effortlessly create barcodes that comply with international standards.

As we continue to witness advancements in technology, it is safe to say that barcodes will continue to play a vital role in the Indian product landscape, enabling businesses to thrive in an increasingly connected world.