4 important Roles of Electronic Media in Promoting Democracy

Electronic Media

You know that democracy is the people’s government, which the people elect. Many factors help promote democracy in the democratic country. Among the factors, the electric media is one of them. 

A country with strong and unbiased electronic media will have a high chance of democracy. To know about the role of the electronic media in promoting democracy, you need to read the article. Keep reading the article!

1. Generate Public Opinion 

One of the effective roles the electronic media plays is promoting democracy through generating public opinion. Public opinion is essential in conducting a free and fair election in a democratic country. People will know about the ruling government’s performance through electronic news, talk shows, and other advertisements. They will decide whether they should elect this government again in the next election. 

Furthermore, the news covers both the flaws and strength of the ruling government to ensure that people choose the government carefully next time. Hence, public opinion is very important for promoting the democracy generated through the electronic media. 

2. Act as a Mediator 

Another role the electronic media is playing in promoting democracy in the country is to act as a mediator between the government and the people. Through the media, people can raise their voices to the government so that the government can fulfill the demand of the people and can work efficiently. If the government ignores the people’s demands, there will be no chance of a second-time government. 

Similarly, through electronic media, people will know about the government’s policies and the analysis of the policies from the news talk shows. So, it is like the mediator between the people made the ruling government. 

3. Ensure the Fair and Free Election 

The next role of the electronic media for promoting democracy in any democratic country is to ensure a free and fair election. You know that democracy is the government of the people, which the people elect through the general elections. Not only the election but also the free and fair election is the basic foundation of democracy. It can be possible by the electronic media. 

The news coverage in all polling stations shows the voting condition and ensures that no polling station is conducting the election or casting fake votes. The live new election coverage can make it transparent and beneficial for the people to select their favorite government. 

4. Accountability of the Ruling Government 

Finally, the important role of electronic media in promoting democracy is to ensure accountability in the country. When a government makes the wrong decisions for the country, the media criticizes the government for its wrong policies and reaches such policies to the people to outrage the criticisms. 

As a result, the government needs to change the policy; otherwise, the government will face backlash from across the country. This way, the government will be held responsible for its policies and try to make policies according to the people’s desires. This way, the country will ensure accountability and promote democracy.