12 Crucial Reasons You Must Wear Your Retainers After Braces

12 Crucial Reasons You Must Wear Your Retainers After Braces

You endured months or years of wires, elastics and adjustment appointments for retainers to achieve the stunning post-braces smile you have now. However, the job’s not over yet if you want that beautiful straightness preserved permanently. Consistently wearing your retainers in London remains pivotal for holding your teeth in corrected positions. Without retention, they’ll shift and relapse quickly after all that orthodontic work.

This article will overview 12 key reasons you must keep wearing your retainers as directed by your London orthodontist like those at 1A Orthodontics. Whether clear plastic, wired or fixed, retainers play pivotal roles maintaining your smile investment.

Preserve Hard-Earned Orthodontics Results

After finally reaching smile perfection post-braces, it would be heartbreaking seeing slight crookedness or gaps return if you abandon retainer use. Wearing them keeps teeth locked in ideal aligned positions.

Avoid Expensive and Hassled Orthodontics Redo

If you skip retainers and relapse occurs, you’ll likely require new braces or Invisalign treatment to re-correct it. This means re-paying thousands of pounds and months more hassles when consistency could’ve prevented it.

Boost Confidence Daily

Your fabulous new smile likely elevated self-esteem and confidence levels enormously. Sticking with retainers ensures you feel great flashing that perfect grin daily rather than hiding a slipped alignment behind your hand again.

What is Considered Urgent Dental Care in London?

Prevent Tooth Decay Issues

Crooked or spaced teeth gather more leftover food and plaque than aligned ones do. They’re also harder to brush and floss effectively. Shifting teeth become more decay and gum disease prone without diligent retainer use.

Maintain Ideal Bite Alignment

Orthodontics treatment corrected your upper and lower arches into optimal bite alignment. Teeth shifting without retainer use would throw this new balance off, causing chewing, jaw and TMJ problems again.

Keep Teeth Functional Longer

Properly aligned teeth distribute biting/chewing pressures evenly for durability and longevity. Relapsing teeth fall out faster and require more repairs like crowns or veneers eventually due to targeted strain.

Enable Clear Speech

A model bite enables clearer pronunciation and enunciation. As slight shifts occur, lips and tongues must recompensate, muffling speech again. Retaining straightness boosts communication skills.

Improve Oral Hygiene Access

Straight teeth with properly widened dental arches offer easier brushing and flossing from more space. When teeth drift and crowd recurs, you’ll struggle scrubbing between them adequately once more.

Sleep More Soundly

Misaligned bites or crowding links to obstructed breathing and sleep apnea issues for some patients. Using retainers ensures straightened arches keep airways open fully all night for sounder sleep.

Save Money Over Time

Consistent at-home retainer use prevents spending on new orthodontic treatment from relapse later on. It also lessens complex dental procedures needed repairing erosion and decay quicker in shifting teeth.

Sport Mouthguard Compatibility

Removable retainers prevent athletic mouthguards fitting comfortably for injury protection. Fixed or bonded versions still allow sufficient guard space. Keep wearing some form of retainer before playing contact sports.

Feel Pride Daily

After finally reaching an amazing smile through intensive orthodontics, feeling that sense daily uplifts confidence and self-worth for lifelong benefits. Ditching your retainers strips away satisfaction and pride slowly but surely.

Types of Retention Methods After Braces

Common orthodontic retention solutions suggested by London clinics like 1A Orthodontics include:

Removable Clear Plastic Aligners

Worn nightly for holding power while invisible during daytime hours typically. Most affordable and convenient but success depends on compliance and care not losing them.

Fixed or Bonded Wire Retainers

Thin metal wire attached to back tooth surfaces for steady 24/7 retention force keeping teeth immobile. More expensive initially but extremely reliable and durable long-term.

Permanent Supportive Lingual Braces

Nearly unseen customized braces worn indefinitely behind front teeth if extra retention proves necessary beyond initial orthodontics treatment. Provides active holding and relapse prevention support ongoing.

Don’t Throw Away Your Efforts Prematurely

Regardless of which retention option you choose, wearing orthodontic retainers remains imperative for preserving your investment’s rewards permanently. Speak to your fixed retainer’s specialist in London about the ideal choice to safeguard your straightened teeth effectively based on lifestyle factors. With a commitment to lifelong retainer use, you can enjoy a fabulous smile for decades onward!

Get Retention Support From London’s Top Orthodontists

Searching for discreet, proven retention solutions maintaining your post-braces smile? Consult London’s premier orthodontics clinic 1A Orthodontics regarding permanent fixed or removable retainer options cost-effectively preserving results.

With vast expertise providing fixed lingual braces and clear aligners along with post-treatment retention, 1A Orthodontics leads advancing quality, comfort and affordability for fixed retainers’ patients. Their dedicated orthodontists create customized treatment and retention plans around your unique smile goals and budget through:

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